Visual and sound poems are place related. In this project, my main research field is the connection between manipulation and language, where I also use my studies and research in communication studies and literary and language theory. Nowadays wall writings, graffiti, advertisements, and placards are proverbial idioms, sayings. They create new fairy tales for new generations. They are the sentences people encounter first, not the tradition, not the stories and fairy tales our grandparents told us. In the modern world, these sentences create new tales, new traditions. Wall writings also show how we work and »talk« with community spaces, as with a train station in Havirov/Czech Republic, streets in Germany, or waste containers in Slovakia.

In Hungarian magazines (about Germany) with photos, montages:
Video poem in Bratislava 
With video poem, music, photo montages about Havirov (Cz)
More in 2015 in Hungarian magazines: Kalligram, Műút, Bárka, Ambroozia, Tempevölgy, Új Forrás, poem series in Irodalmi Szemle, Librarius, Mozgó Világ
International: Bratislava, Visegrad residency for writers, 2015
International: English translation of Havirov’s poems and video of the live performance in Havirov, Czech Republic

PAPER in Akademie Schloss Solitude and in Wordrun FEstival, Belgrade: http://schloss-post.com/little-girl-in-belgrade/